Capabilities and Processing

At Frontier Techni-Kote, we take pride in all of our processing and are excited to partner with industry leading companies. We are pleased to offer specialized processing that meet our customers job specific requirements. From our volume efficient Anodize production line to our custom Laser Engraving design, Frontier is proud to become your partner and provide the following services:

Additional Process Provided:

Custom Laser Engraving

Masking for all Coating Processes

Media Blast and Shot Peen

Custom Part Mark and Screen Printing

In House Testing:

Corrosion Resistance Salt Spray Testing

High Humidity Testing

Abrasion Resistance Testing

Coating Weight Testing

Water Immersion Testing

Solution Analysis Testing

Taber Abrasion Testing


Each of our coating processes at Frontier is run to specification including Mil-Spec and AMS. For more information regarding certain specifications, pricing, lead times or to request a quote please contact us